Friday, June 11, 2010

Something Old Something New swap! So much fun!

Where do I begin? The photos about are the swap gifts from Pam. I go with my list of the many things I loved about the Something Old..Something New 'Swap for all Seasons' swap...

Meeting my new fabulous friend Pam! She is another amazing artsy new person in my life. We found we had quite a bit in common.

Being amazed at the beautiful handmade gifts she created. I will treasure every item. My favorite is the promise 'With God all things are possible'. I hold that scripture close to my heart.

It was loads of fun getting to know Pam. She and I e-mailed back and forth learning about one another and I even 'fessed up' that I had tried to embroider her name on the corner of one of the hankies I sent to her. At my age...all sorts of things like this happen....LOL...when I looked with my magnify stitching looked so bad I carefully took out the thread. Three simple letters and I just couldn't pull it off. So sad! What is it about getting you suppose we start hearing and seeing less because God is trying to tell us not to worry so much? That sometimes the less we see and hear the better? I haven't figured it out...probably never will. I just truly believe God wants us to enjoy the life He gave to us and He wants us to live a good life in every respect. I'm trusting Him.

Reminiscing about the day I was married! I went back to peek at my very few wedding pictures. The 12 pictures are r-e-a-l-l-y s-p-r-e-a-d o-u-t in our Wedding Memories book. Our photographer (one of my husbands best friends) was very preoccupied visiting with the girls...too busy to take photos. I forgave him...he's a great guy.

The swap was a great reminder of wedding memories for me. After 35 years, I am still in love with my best friend. One of the biggest lessons I've ever learned was from a Marriage Encounter...many years ago...'Love is a decision'.

I sure had fun finding the just right items for Pam. Next, I searched and searched for the perfect wedding photo and found an extra copy of a photo I took of a beautiful Bride and Groom outside a Cathedral in Spain 2003 (from the 'Pilgrimage of Light with the Diocese of Wichita in 2003'). That was a great memory for me!

One more silly thing...I really didn't look closely at the wedding picture Pam sent...probably didn't have my 'eyes' on. I shared with Pam in an email that the bride maids sure had huge bouquets. OH! What a ditz I felt like when I looked closely....they are ALL brides! Very beautiful brides at that! I really think this was one of the funniest things about the swap!

'Patty put the kettle on...I mean Patty put your glasses on for you can see!'

Have a blessed weekend blogger friends! Patty


  1. Good morning Miss Patty.
    Another swap! YAY! Isn't blogging grand?
    I'm laughing at your reaction to the wedding photo. I dunno . . . how can they all be brides when the number of "brides" outweigh the number of "grooms"? LOL! I think you had it right the first time - they sure had HUGE bouquets!
    Thinking of you . .
    Have a wonderful week!
    Karen :)

  2. Awwwww! I had so much fun meeting and getting to know you. You were a wonderful partner! I'm so glad you like everything. The pictures look great!
    Take Care!