Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cupid Tea with all of our grand-girls ~ February 10, 2017

"What a splendid day we shared at my first Cupid's Tea!"

All of our grand-girls came! We crafted St. Valentine cards & decorated mason jars using old vintage art. It was a such a fun day. The girls have always loved to 'art' as much as I do. Josie made two kinds of scones, chocolate chip and cranberry and chocolate brownies. My red velvet heart shaped cake with strawberry frosting was pretty in pink.  So busy, I missed taking a photo of the beautiful tea table set up in our country kitchen.

The best part was sharing with the girls that love and words go hand in hand....especially on St. Valentine's day. My three favorite Seraphim Angels statues decorated the very long table. This day made my heart smile so big!

"It was darling, Helen 'all fancied up' for the whole day as she and her Papa (our son) went to the 'Daughter & Daddy dance this same evening at her preschool". 
Papa was quite handsome wearing one of his best suits for the occasion!

Grand mama XOXO
The ladies ~ Helen, ~ Louise ~ Josie ~ Beth ~ Anna ~ Kait  ~ Niki

Oh they are loved so very much!


Angel ~ a Christmas gift from our daughter Amy.
She was the first to have a child.
Angel ~ Christmas gift from our son Jason Gabriel.
Angel~ Christmas gift from Sarah.

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