Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter Tide 2016!

Easter baskets for Darian and Cody!

Easter Tide 2016

 As springtime sits waiting to be welcomed, I listen closely to the songs of birds. They too, I believe welcome the Easter Tide...in the Valley. This week the winds in the country have blown ferociously. Even the farm cats are tuckered out from chasing leaves all around the Chapel Barn.

This week as I continued to 'deeply' ponder' the significance of Now the God news...a jubilant prophesy....The Glory of the Cross won over in excellence! It was in a conversation that for the first time I realized just how the ol' boy got his way on Good Friday however NOT FOR LONG. Good Friday a 'God' Friday at that....the gift....Glory of who was on the Cross. 

I don't know if it's been a hard week for you as it has been for me. There have been sticks and stones thrown into the core of my peace. The love I hold for Our Lord is exclusively beautiful. Thirsting....as there was a place longing to be filled...I hurried to receive the graces from the  Sacrament of Reconciliation on Holy Tuesday. Why do I drag my feet so to get my self to the presence of Christ...to receive His Mercy? A lost for words...I have no excuse...just laziness.  My heart holds the thankfulness of each new day for a 'start over'.

Last night I dreamed of Ryan, our aged neighbors dog coming over to be with us again on the veranda. In my dream Randy and gently petted his worn out thin worn old caramel colored body. Only a couple of weeks ago, we called our neighbor friends to share our concern and they came and took him home. Normally I would let go but when I spotted what looked like Ryan in their dog pen last Friday, I backed up my car to go and check. I tried really hard to reach in and pet her...however my hand wouldn't fit in the chain link fence which was locked up tightly. When I said very loudly 'Rye', 'Hi Rye', her ears perked up and she did everything she could manage to to stand up and see who her visitor was. I left weeping however relieved knowing that Ryan had water, food and a clean cage of soft wood chips to rest on. She's had a full life raising five liters of pups over the years.

When I look at the dog path across the west yard...it has always made me smile to know the dogs have friendships both with their masters and as their masters. Ryan like our 'loved Rio' may be taking the journey to 'Rainbow Bridge'. His little head...during the endless hours he dreams. Was the visit in my dream 'goodbye' to Randy and I? Maybe.
Amy & Chris

Karen, Amy, Darian, Randy & I at KC Winery
Saturday afternoon.

What a tasty dinner! We thank you daughter!

What a wonderful Easter Weekend 2016! Prayers that your Easter week is filled with love, laughter and blessings too. Remember Christ paid a huge debt that He didn't owe for love and trust in God. We get to keep the change.
Christ is Risen! Indeed He has Risen!

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