Sunday, January 19, 2014

Definition of 'De Colores'

Roosters rock at N2 God as a symbol of the colors of Cursillo. There's everything from place mats, dishes and little inexpensive what-not so bring a smile.
Why Roosters?
Good question! There is a delightful story about the first Cursillo in Spain and the greeting De Colores, which means colors that represent Sanctifying Grace. 

The story we share on Cursillos....
A bus full of new friends were traveling home from their Cursillo in Spain (at the very beginning) and their bus broke down. Because they were full of Sanctifying grace they saw and experienced the joy of the moment...the colors of the flowers blooming in springtime, the beauty of the rainbow which appeared over head and then the colorful rooster, chickens and hens.
Different colors of the rainbow, the prism casting off colors and yes the roosters beautiful feathers... to remind us of Sanctifying Grace. It is through this grace that we are the closest to Christ.

It is a joy and honor to lead the Women's #104 Cursillo October 25 - 28, 2012.The Cursillo is a three day walk and something to be lived out in order to be understood. Each person's Cursillo is unique as each person is unique.

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