Friday, July 5, 2013

2013 Ginda ~ Powell Family Reunion Memories

Ginda ~ Powell Family Reunion ~ June 2013

The Family Birthday Party Celebration
Six family birthdays where celebrated ~ Helen, Paul, Jason, Cody, Anna and little Alex
Brooke, Destiny, Helen & Paul
Jeanette Richard, Emily & Karen

 Amy & Nate
Ann and Michael
 Michael, Ann & Patricia Rose
Sleepy head! Too much fun!
Chris, Amy & Patty
Amy (explaining game)

Chris, Amy & Darian

Helen ~ 82 years "beautiful & young at heart"
Having fun!

Sister & Brother (Helen & Paul)
Helen with gift from Ann ~ charms created from her Grandmother's China.So awesome!!

 Darian's High School Graduation Party!
The good times rolled on & on...

Amy & Ann

Amy & Aaron (Greg's son)

Corn Hole any one? This was so much fun! Especially with family!
Darian, Helen & Randy

 Powell Farm 'family dinner'
Patty in the farm kitchen preparing...

 Family Tree Tea
Ann & Kari helped decorate for the tea at the farm house. Many thanks!!

"Ann" Really? Yes!

 Target Shooting at Powell Farm

My first Tea pot in photo above. I received it from my Mother when I was 12 years old.

Kira & Ann
Choose a cup that 'speaks' to you.

Ann brought me a gift. Thank you Ann!! This magazine is SO NEAT!

Amy & her 'very special' gift from Ann. A family treasured tea cup & saucer.

Priceless treasured memories to be savored in life.

Patty in Oz

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