Sunday, February 5, 2012

'Homemade Valentines are in the mail...'

'Happy St. Valentine's Day'
Pictured are the Valentines I crafted for friends. Actually, the envelopes are pictured (the valentines are enclosed).
A few warned me "The Post Office is not going to like you". They were made with love and dropped into the mailbox yesterday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they reach their destinations...especially the one to the Netherlands.
Every year I try something 'new' to celebrate St. Valentine's Day and when I read my friend Linda's post about 'her Puzzle Piece mail' I was intrigued. I decided to hand sew valentines for swap partners I've have been blessed to meet these past few years. Mostly to tell them  'or you if you are one' that I'm thinking about you and appreciate the fun you each have brought into my life. Having blog friends is a wonderful blessing don't you agree? Heartfelt thanks to 'Amazing Amy', Kyra, Pam, 'sweet Karen', Linda, Mary, Jo, Ina and Wendy for making my heart smile over and over again!!
Just found the rooster stamp last week! It was in a box of vintage 'Teacher' stamps. I had to laugh, one stamp read 'did not listen'. Oh my...I remember those stamps!

Tucked inside each heart envelope card is a valentine with a special note...I still have the 'joy' of what each person created and sent my way. It would have terrific to make one for each of the 'Count down to Christmas Match box swap' friends unfortunately...I just couldn't do so. Each and every altered matchbox is a Christmas treasure!
Have a very sweet St. Valentine's Day. Reach out and touch someone with a hug & smile. Pass it on.... 

A favorite quote:
"The Best & Most Beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the Heart"

- Helen Keller
Author 1880 - 1968 


  1. What a awesome thing to do, I know it brings pleasue to ones heart to give. Happy Valentines dear friend, Hugs Mary

  2. Hi Mary! Guess what? Well to make a long story short four were quickly returned to me. Of course...into an envelope and off in the mail again. Back to the drawing board right?

    I just love homemade valentines and have been wanting to do something special for my swap girlfriends which includes YOU DEAR ONE!

    Making friends is the best isn't it!

    Patty in Oz

  3. You are just the sweetest thing! I LOVE my Valentine! Thank you so much for thinking of me. And you are Dear to me as well Sweet Patty.
    I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day tomorrow. Right now I am in workaholic mode trying to get our 2011 wrapped up so I can take a deep breath. Sigh. Almost there.
    Big hugs from So Cal!
    (I was cracking up at the nasty notes the PO wrote on it!)