Monday, November 14, 2011

"Fall" A most beautiful time on the farm!

Did you get fall fever this year? I sure did...I seem to get it every year.
I LOVE being in the quiet beauty of autumn! How about you?
The Kansas wind? Oh my, I can't get enough of it.

 "Our back door welcome wreath"
This was 'Tree Cat's' home for two winters. Tree Cat was very interesting...I guess that goes without saying since she lived in a of the wild cats who normally chose one of the old barns to hide in.

Our 'Blazing Glory' tree!
'Home Sweet Home'
Now it's where the grand-kids roam.

Mocha our grand-dog.

Do you see our 'Red Dinosaur' tractor behind the tree?
It has mowed many fields in it's day.

This is probably my all time favorite tree and the wood pecker's favorite tree.
More than once we have been entertained watching 'baby' wood peckers peck.

To the left is our VERY old alligator pear tree.
Many years ago, our horse 'Nicholas' almost foundered...
he loved the sweet pears too much! Because of the drought this
year, there was very little fruit produced.
One exception, our black walnuts were MANY. One little squirrel hoarded them
in a big hole by our road. We tried to figure out why and I've come to the
conclusion that he may be thinking about moving on....?

The skies in Kansas! So beautiful with changes very moment.

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  1. Hello my dear friend, love the photo's you shared on your blog today. I hope all is going well and I think of you quite often, take care. Hugs Mary