Saturday, July 23, 2011

'Angels in August' craft classes ~ Saturday, August 13th at N2God Store

Create three 'Cute as a button Angel pins' (can be altered for wearing for necklace)

Create one 'Wooden angel ornament'  (you'll attach your personal message )
N2 God Store 'The Keeping Room'
813 West Second, Wichita, Kansas
'Angels in August craft classes ~ Saturday, August 13, 2011
          • Morning class 10 a.m.  - Noon
          • Afternoon class 1 - 3 p.m.

Dear friends,

If you are interested in attending the morning or afternoon class on Saturday, August 13, please send me an e-mail with  contact information and I'll be  in touch with you. You'll be stepping into a 'sneak preview of Christmas'...Christmas music, decorations and refreshments.

Each two hour class is $7.00 and this price includes 'art supplies for each guest to create (1) one Wooden Angel ornament and (3) three  'Cute as a button' pins. You'll have (4) four unique gifts ready for Christmas giving in August. Of can dig into your button can and bring some of your own buttons for crafting your pins if you'd like. White old buttons give the Victorian feel and chances are, they're probably from by gone least some are in my button can.

This class is open to everyone.  A great time for friends or  family.  It's never too early to start crafting Christmas gifts and the unique little angel pin and tree ornament are sure to tickle someone in your life.

If you're out and about today (Saturday July 23rd) 10 am - 5 pm stop by the N2God Store...and I'll be happy to show you samples of the 'angels art projects ' we will be crafting on August 13th.

Plan ahead and join us for this early merry Christmas time! Or just come in for a cup of iced tea and visit. to check which Saturdays we are open. 

Thank you!
Patty in Oz

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