Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Speaking of spices...make a lemon clove pomander! Umm...

You will need-
Lemon, 5-6 ounces cloves (whole), lace or ribbon, 2 tbsp nutmeg, 2 tbsp orris root (which will help preserve), cinnamon and lemon or cinnamon oil.
Push the cloves into the rind of our lemon or orange carefully with an ice pick. This is an adult craft you need to do with a steady hand (children will want to watch and can help handing you the cloves, one by one). The goal is to cover the whole surface. I place it into the ice box when I'm not working on it however you will want to complete it in a day or two. good.

Be careful using the ice pick, it is VERY sharp and dangerous. A cork on the tip (when not being used) is a great safety tip and a few of band-aids close by...a good too!

Next, mix together orris root (from the spice shop), cinnamon, nutmeg and lemon or cinnamon in a small bowl or plate. Roll the fruit around in the mixture (I cover my hands with a plastic bag. The oils are poisonous even though they smell wonderful.

Lastly, wrap the fruit in tissue paper, cheesecloth or netting and it's ready to place in a drawer or hang in a closet. I placed the ones I made 'out' in a dish.
 To make  Christmas decoration or gift, cut a ribbon or lace, 34-38" long. Place the middle of the ribbon at the top of the fruit, and draw the ends down to the bottom. Cross and twist the ribbon and draw it back up to the top. Secure it with a pin or dab of glue at the bottom of the lemon where it crosses (+).

Lemon and lace pomanders are an old time craft, ask your Grandma if she remembers them. I have a memory making one with my mom with my children looking on. Mom's 'everything' always looked better than mine. She said it's best to 'take your time'.

If the lemon is prepared/preserved correctly your pomander will keep for at least one season. Enjoy!

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